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Mr Harry Krishna Nandee is a certified Gemologist from the prestigious HRD Institute of Antwerp, Belgium. With his 40 years experience in Diamond cutting and polishing, Mr Nandee has set up his own diamond factory in 1996.

Mrs Ashni Nandee is a successful entrepreneur in the Trading sector, in 2002 she decided with her husband to put their “savoir-faire” together to launch company Le Diamant Ltee to promote Diamond jewellery at factory prices on the local market and foreign visitors.



Jewelry and Diamonds are precious and expensive, but for connoisseur, it is a safe
investment for future as its value never depreciates. But it is also believed that good
quality of jewellery is distinguished by its diamonds. A good diamond has 4 characteristics
which can be described as the 4 C’s:
Besides the basic four C’s we have also the fifth  C, that’s the confidence in your Jeweler, Le
Diamant Ltee is no doubt the 5th C. The idea has come to make Mauritian aware of the
value of diamonds on jewellery instead of zircon.

Since the creation of Le Diamant Ltee, we have promoted the diamond jewellery to all
category of Mauritian from baby earrings, nose rings (young girl), side earing (men),
wedding rings, Indian mangalsut, engagement ring are now mounted with diamond.
Nowadays, new couple are for diamond sets for their wedding and any other occasion
instead of heavy gold set.

Similar to the clothing fashion industry, in the jewellery industry also the buyers are
particularly is very attracted towards fine jewellery with a diamond setting.
Diamonds are enchanting treasures that have fascinated mankind through the centuries. A
diamond symbolizes everything from love to longevity, from health to strength, from
permanence to class, from purity to beauty. It will remain the most valuable and life-
lasting asset you possess.

Our aim is to make all Mauritian as well as from other countries understand and
appreciate the wise and exceptional sensation of wearing a diamond stone.

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